Call Center Services

"Our list of call center services and
contact center services is extensive
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Call Center Services for Businesses

MPC Call Center is the nation's most trusted provider of call center services and outsourcing solutions. Our state of the art call center can provide live operator, live chat and web based support. MPC is recognized within the call center industry, clients, as the benchmark in providing the highest level of quality in customer service. Being the leader in the industry and having vast experience in the call center industry, MPC Call Center has been there for businesses, professionals and organizations. Regardless of the size of your company or your call center service needs, a unique, one of a kind program will be designed just for you.

MPC Call Center is the only outsourcing choice that your company should turn to. We deliver highly trained staff and cutting edge technology to all of clients, as well to our client's customers. We offer each client a custom call center service designed with you in mind. MPC Call Center is a pioneer in providing call center services.

MPC Call Center offers call center solutions to Fortune 500 companies, one man operations, and every business in between. Our services include inbound and outbound telemarketing, toll free services, live web chat, help desk, conference and seminar registration, email response services, conference & seminar registration, appointment scheduling, virtual receptionist, and general call center services. Below is a list of the call center services we offer:

Click To Talk: A module is placed on your web site where customers enter their telephone number and a call center agent contacts them.
Conference & Seminar Registration: Register attendees for conferences, events, seminars and classes Service includes processing credit cards for registrations.
Customer Acquisition: Programs for customer acquisition including lead qualification, lead generation, workflow management, and customer follow-up.
Customer Followup: Following up with customers after a sale and during the live of the customer to good customer service relationships.
Direct Response: Call center agents managing telephone calls from your direct response marketing program including taking orders, setting up appointments, and fulfillment service.
Email Response: Respond to customers emails quickly to provide customer service and help facilitate the sales process.
Emergency Response: Operators answering and dispatching emergency calls as well as an overflow call center in case of emergency situation.
Fulfillment Service: Product fulfillment solutions for ecommerce merchants.
Help Desk Outsourcing: Outsourcing help desk requirements for software companies as well as many other industries and products.
IVR Service: Interactive Voice Response services. Caller uses a touch tone telephone to interact with a database that the call center sets up.
Lead Capture: Lead capture with live telephone answering.
Lead Generation Service: Programs to generate business leads focusing on outbound telemarketing.
Live Web Chat: A module is placed on your web site where the web site visitor can interact with a call center agent.
Order Taking Service: Call center is able to take orders from the caller and input them directly into your web site or provide an order form if you do not have one.
Outbound Telemarketing Services: Description of our outbound telemarketing services.
Up Sell / Cross Sell: Operators sell other products to new customers and existing customers while they are on the telephone line.

Regardless of how simple or complex you companies' needs are, our call center services can streamline the exact fit to all of your call center needs. By placing the value the customer, we become a valuable and necessary option for all of your call center needs. Our staff is fully trained in all facets of the call center business. Our team is focused on sales and growth as well as retention and customer care. Our group of call center agents is the envy of the industry. MPC Call Center treat your customers and potential customers with the same professionalism and courtesy as you would expect from your staff.